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Created On: 29.06.2023 09:31
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Showtec ColorCue 2 Intelligent 6-fader, 6-colour LED Controller. Condition: Mint. (50704).

- Used product. (3)

The Showtec ColorCue 2 is an intelligent 6-fader LED DMX controller with 36 channels for easy control of LED fixtures up to 6 colors (RGBWA-UV), suitable for any location. Its 6 rotary knobs allow you to quickly create your desired color, from 3-color RGB to 6-color RGBWA-UV. With the ColorCue 2 you can also choose from 20 fixed and 20 homemade (preset) colors. You can create and play 20 programs (chases) with 99 steps (steps) each with different colors and effects that repeat themselves in a loop. The chases can be controlled in manual, automatic or sound activated mode.

Control mode: Built-in Program, Manual, Sound, Static Dimmer
DMX channels: 36
Protocols: DMX
Buttons: 38
Faders: 7
Memory: 2020
Input voltage: 12 VDC
Power Consumption: 15W
Power connector in: Low Voltage DC plug
DMX connector out: XLR 3P
Audio triggers: 1
Length (mm): 385mm
Width (mm): 175mm
Height (mm): 78mm
Installation depth (excl. connector): 78 mm
Weight: 1.85 kg
Height units: 4 U
Housing: Metal
Colour: Grey