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Price: 45,00 €
Per Piece basis for negotiation
Count Available 1
Created On: 22.11.2022 13:55

Auction Closes TONIGHT at 8PM
Online auction of Mixers, stage boxes, DJ gear, trusses, stagedex, fourbars, hoists, moving heads, cables, flightcases,...
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Shipping possible within the EU.
Auction Closes: Tuesday, November 22 at 8PM

Behringer X32 mixer
Behringer X-Dante
Behringer SD8 stagebox
Behringer SD16 stagebox
2x Shure ULXD4 receiver with SM58 handheld
DBX 166XL Compressor
Behringer Ultragrain pro-8
Behringer Virtualizer Pro
10EAZY Decibel meter Class 2
Yamaha 01V96 Digital Audio Mixer
Procab Jack-Jack multi cable
Stage Line STA-600

DJ gear:
2x Pioneer CDJ-2000
1x Pioneer DJM-900NXS
2x Pioneer VM-80 studio monitor

6x HQ Power ARAS 150S movinghead
3x DAP Movinghead flightcase
2x Fourbar JB-Systems Plano Spot 7TC
2x Wind-up stand 30kg
1x JB-Lighting Licon 1 dmx controller
1x Emergency Light
1x Showtec Shark Zoom Wash
2x Fourbar LED Par 575, 24x 1W White LED
10x JB-Systems Plano Spot 7TC
1x Flightcase on wheels
4x Fourbar PAR 64 with Harting
1x Showtec Digidim 12CH Basic DMX Dimmer
2x Showtec D-Pack 6CH DMX Dimmer
1x Showtec DMX Booster/Splitter
1x Showtec Multidim MKII DMX Dimmerpack
1x Flightcase Rack 12U on wheels
4x Ultralite Action 1200 22/40 Theater spot
1x Ultralite Action 1200 15/28 Theater spot
6x Showbiz GE Par 64 Lamp 1000W
30x DMX Kabel 1,5m black
11x Filter frame for PAR

2x Fantek T-104 Lift 200kg
8x Prolyte Stagedex 2x1m
4x Verlinde Stagemaker SM10 1T hoist
1x Showtec PLE-30-080 8CH hoist controller
Breakout box 16P Harting to 4x CEE 16A 4P
2x CEE 16A 4P 10m black, motor cable
2x CEE 16A 4P 15m black, motor cable
4x CEE 16A 4P 20m black, motor cable
2x CEE 16A 4P 10m Red (Mennekes), motor cable
2x CEE 16A 4P 20m Red (Mennekes), motor cable
10x Global Truss F34 200cm
10x Global Truss F34 100cm
4x Global Truss Tower with sleeve
2x Truss 120° angle (Global Truss compatible)
2x Truss 5-way (Global Truss compatible)
4x Global Truss Box Corner
2x Prolyte truss hanging bracket
8x Truss hanging bracket
12x Global Truss Swivel Coupler 250kg
6x Global Truss Half Coupler with cone
24x Global Truss Spacer
62x Schakle
12x Softsteel
4x Softsteel/Steelf-Flex cables

22x XLR cable
30x DMX cable 1,5m
20x DMX cable 2m
10x DMX cable 3m
16x Schuko extension cable
3x Breakout box Quadrant BB8
4x Breakout Box Showtec
4x Neutrik Patch panel 16P Harting
30x Powercon Male-Female 1,5m
12x Powercon cable different lengths
30x Powercon Male to open end
2x Harting 16P 5m cable
2x Harting 16P 5m cable with angle
2x Harting 16P 10m cable
2x Harting 16P 15m cable
3x Harting 16P 20m cable
3x Harting 16P 30m cable
20m cable tray

Auction Closes: Tuesday, November 22 at 8 p.m.