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Created On: 26.03.2020 22:11
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Eurotruss FD34 black coated

Condition: 3 times used:
FD34 Length 25cm 20x |€46
FD34 Length 29cm 34x |€46
FD34 Length 50cm 38x |€46
FD34 Length 75cm 6x |€76
FD34 Length 100cm 21x |€76
FD34 Length 200cm 31x | €115
FD34 Length 300cm 196x | €150
FD34 Length 400cm 100x | €178
FD34 corner 90 2-way 9x | €91
FD34 corner 3-way T 29x | €125
FD34 corner 4-way T 3x |€143
FD34 corner 4-way cross 11x |€143
FD34 Boxcorner 20x |€ 161
Baseplate 29x | €29

Condition: B-stock, only one time used:
FD34 Length 29cm 47x |€50
FD34 Length 50cm 28x |€50
FD34 Length 75cm 10x |€83
FD34 Length 100cm 9x |€83
FD34 Length 200cm 5x |€125
FD34 Length 300cm 50x |€163
FD34 Length 400cm 12x |€194
FD34 corner 90 2-way 21x |€99
FD34 corner 3-way T 23x |€136
FD34 corner 4-way T 3x |€155
FD34 corner 4-way cross 21x |€155

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