there are no comissions or fees to pay! The site is founded only by advertisings of oure advertising partners, so you cann sell youre stuff without any addition of comissions.
To avoid incomplete or fraudulent registrations a manuall enabeling of accounts after registration or account changes by an admin is required.
An admin checks the completesness of the registration.
In addition, IP data are randomly matched.
The manual release can take up to 24 hours to be completed.
Even before the release, you can create ads. Those ads will be released immediately after the account confirmation.
No! Everyone can search through the ads and get in contact with a seller! But as registered user you can use compfortable tools, like the wathlist
Of course! As long as you take care of al commercial regulations! The Website is first of all a marketplace for Used gear If you have a super remnants offer concerning new material we will tolerate this for sure. But it new material offers should not be gain out of control on the site! Also youe have a imprint obligation as commercial seller, and you should take care that you youre ads on the site contains all mandatory legal statements.
The evaluation of the condition of the offered equipment has to be done autonomously by the school grading system!
Frome grade 1 to 6 - Within the ads the condition will be symbolised by stars - 6 Stars will mean the best condition grade 1
Basiclly you can stik to following condition descriptions:
Grade 1 (6 Stars) = New or like new (for example demo gear)
Grade 2 (5 Stars) = Very good used condition - optical and functional
Grade 3 (4 Stars) = Functionally in good condition - opticl condition according to the age
Grade 4 (3 Stars) = Functional and optical according to the age - maybe with minimal shortcomings
Grade 5 (2 Stars) = With functional shortcomings - and/or strongly used optical condition.
Grade 6 (1 Star) = Broken stuff - repairable or as spare parts

Let’s look at the most important thing first: deals that are too good to be true, are often just that!!

Where business is done, people will be cheated. This is sad but unfortunately the reality, and sometimes it can be problem for our site (as with any other sales and trading portal).
The best protection for direct trade is to keep a watchful eye, common sense, and take some precautions:

1. Try wherever possible to inspect the goods, collect and pay upon delivery! This offers the best protection as the goods can be checked!
2. Be wary of transactions abroad, but also from abroad!
One popular trick by fraudsters is to accept an offer to pay by Western Union, check or similar means. Then too much is transferred, and the excessive amount has to be recovered by bank transfer, or they pretend that the supplier should pay the amount to the carrier. Often, the transaction is then not cleared by the bank.

3. Check addresses and contradictions:
- Everyone is looking for a bargain, but if priced unrealistically low, it is usually not serious.
- Call vendors to verify their address. Just Google the seller and ask for a landline number instead of a phone number! By simple measures fake deals can often be revealed. Email addresses, especially free email addresses, cannot be traced.
- Be careful when the specified address is in the UK, and the transfer is to go abroad, or the address is the south of the Uk and the goods are then suddenly in north. Or the company headquarters are in the south, and the company account for the transfer is with a bank in the north of the UK.
-In an agreement with a purchaser they ask to do make bank transfer to a UK account for a better assignment or faster delivery! The scammers then demand the transfer documents to be able to send the goods faster. CAUTION ! You may be transferring to an account from an online store, Bitcoin exchanges or similar, and pay the order of the fraudster.
-If you doubt that the pictures of the goods are from the supplier, ask for an image with a specified note by you with a number code.
-If a seller categorically refuses the collection or payment through Paypal, it's better to refuse the offer! If you pay by Paypal make sure you have acquainted yourself beforehand with their Buyer Protection directly with Paypal!